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  1. Latest transfer gossip: Huckerby to Barry Town: £0.80p + packet of wallkers crisps (prawn cocktail flavour) Ashton to Wigan £0.05p McKenzie to West Ham: Part-Exchange for Repka David Dhannoo to NORWICH: x1 McFlurrary (Smarties flavour) (Israeli International)
  2. I think Bentley would be a great on loan signing to get and I think he would be up for playing half a season in the championship, unless he is gurenteed more than a hand full of games at Arsenal. We will need all the quality we can get, because it will be hard to go down, the straight back up again.
  3. etherington should have never been sent of in the first place. anyway norwich will be down next season and west ham will be back in the big time and if not then we willl take them to school. our fans only expect, unlike yours who just want, mid table. in the championship we are used to winning things and our fans have big expectations
  4. Apparently our star stiker, Hucks is going to La Liga side Mallaga to join up with former Man City striker Paulo Wanchope. I know what your thinking this is a load of crap but I know the Mallaga manager very well and he told me it is a done deal. He couldn''t tell me the exact transfer fee but it is around £6,000,000.
  5. Worthington needs to be more critical of his players, he can''t keep complimenting them when they have had a bad game. He says they give him 100% each week, well if thats their 100% then it obviously isn''t good enough, because if it was then they wouldn''t be fighting a relegation battle. You can''t blame the referee for their league position that is down to Norwich.
  6. In the long term it is likely Ashton will be a good buy, but they have to look at the current future of the club, because they are looking at relegation. With that money they could have bought two maybe three half decent players. And if the club do get relegated then he is going to want to leave for a premiership club and the club will just lose him, for about half the price they bought him for. I think if Norwich stay up he will be a good buy, but he hasn''t got the ability to keep them up on his own.
  7. Yes Paul McVeigh should wear stilts, but we didnt say anything about the way he plays. I actually think he is a really good player, but what has happened to him. Is he injured?
  8. I''d have to say yes, I mean he has got to be the smallest person in the Premiership. I think the only reason Norwich don''t play him more is that they don''t realise he is at the game, because he is so small.
  9. The only reason Norwich don''t get any penalties is because they don''t deserve any. Huckerby is the worst diver ever, even worse than Robert Pires.
  10. I tell who is going to cross the ball, Rob Green. Get him up for the free kicks and corners he has go a good delivery, Craig Fleming along with stumpy Charlton can provide cover in goal.  
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