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  1. Arrea again!! If we used Adidas ,Nike, Umbro, or puma the leisure wear that comes with it would be great. Far more people would rather wear a Norwich tracksuit made by adidas or such like than they would Arrea. My local team Braintree town have the same kit, just orange and I don't see them with a ponsy video all over the internet.
  2. Enjoy losing in the last min because of switching off!! Ok enjoy lads
  3. I just get a bit frustrated when things like a Pukki for Drmic sub take place rather than go for broke. We are bottom of the prem remember not 16th with a game in hand.
  4. Sorry bout that Bill, I try and be more vocal lol lol.
  5. Yep, that’s right. this message board isn’t for positive comments only remember.
  6. No respect no respect was the order of the day when I was playing under 18s. I think the boys have been caught up in the lights of the prem this season. tonight’s game was a break from the prem but unfortunately exactly the same issues were evident I’m very concerned for us once we are down and don’t forget........... Webber and co are off next year leaving a huge void. Like many others, I’ve been a season tkt holder for 32yrs so there’s not much I haven’t witnessed but in these hard times financially I’m worrying for the canaries.
  7. Losing in the last min ain’t ideal, in fact it shows a lack of concentration (Farkers words in Last season fa cup) but........ ALL NORWICH PLAYERS smiling and joking with the utd players at the end of today’s game. Not acceptable and shows far too much respect. 3 home games, no travelling, good amount of time between matches yet no results.
  8. There has to be a reason why we never have a top name make our kit? Adidas Umbro Puma Nike
  9. It’s a Adidas kit though. Imagine how many people would buy it and who knows what else whilst they are in the shop. For years now we have always chosen a poor make of kit. The ASICS kit is by far the best we ever had. As I said earlier, many lower league clubs especially ip**** can manage it so why can’t we.
  10. Prem league club with the most boooooorrrrriiiinnnnnggggggg kit again. So many smaller clubs in lower leagues have superior kits to us. I don’t understand why we don’t go and get a decent kit?
  11. I bet it’ll be a crap make like usual. Never seem to get Nike, Adidas, Umbro or Puma! Sales of leisure wear would go through the roof if we did. Braintree town have the same make kit as us
  12. What a shame that the new £30 price tag of seats and next seasons fixture list has taken president over the shambles that is the new membership scheme that “ahem” rewards fans! Pinkun have unfortunately gone very quiet on the situation too, very frustrating that it’s not top news. Myself along with thousands of others have spent lots of money and time accumulating our points tally enabling us to rightfully receive first dibs on away tickets. This scheme is clearly just a money making exercise!! How many premium memberships will they sell? Far more than there are away tickets available I’m sure. If this system is just to make it “fair” then what’s the need to charge people? Norwich should just give the “fan” a membership upon request enabling them to get the priority they desperately need. Surely spending over £500 on a season tkt and having 1800 we’ll earned points gives me priority over joe public? Very let down by the club today! Money money money.
  13. Did we actually have a "best player" yesterday? The club is a joke at the moment. Players, management board etc etc. The pink un have a "vote for your man of the match" even when we get smashed pmsl pmsl. What a joke. Joke club and I''m embarrassed to be a season tkt holder at present. Please Norwich (delia) remove AN,he''s clueless.
  14. Hhhmmmmmm not convinced he''ll stay. I met a wolves fan recently who said,all moxey will do at Norwich is SELL SELL SELL. Get good money for players but ultimately SELL everyone decent.
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