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  1. [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Jim Smith"]Its about the type of player we need to add to the squad I think as much as anything else. Without Grabban, we lack a mobile, quick striker who makes runs down the channels so hopefully this chap will give us that option. Jerome does get in behind defenses at times but he''s a different type of player who stays more central. As we have 4 away games then I would think this is in particular with half an eye on being able to hit teams on the break. Yes Loza may be a similar type of player but Loza has flattered to deceive on a few loan stints at a lower level (generally starting well then fading) so still has much to do to prove himself and a scrambled tap in at Hudds does not change that. Relying on him to come on and change games at this level would be a risk.[/quote] Strange comment about Loza''s goal Jim. And also strange that you now feel we need to replace Grabban while he''s injured yet earlier in trhe season you wanted him dropped and replaced by Hooper. That option is still there by the way. I believe you''re right that we need cover for Grabban. But that shouldn''t devalue anything our own youngsters have done this season. Your comment about Loza''s goal is totally ungracious and uncalled for. By your reckoning Hoops had been on the pitch for 78 mins without being able to achieve a "scrambled tap in" whilst Loza came on for 10 mins and got one. I would gamble that if the roles were reversed you''d have been extolling Hooper''s ability to have come on and save a point with his natural strikers ability to score goals. [/quote] Not devaluing his goal Nutty but by the same token many of our fans do get a bit carried away when one of our youth products does something, probably because we are all keen to see them do well. I like Loza and think he shows some promise. Hope he fulfils it but I''m not convinced he''s ready to play regularly for us yet and that goal (hit his leg initially then he reacted well) doesn''t prove that he is. We will get the best from Hooper if we play him as a striker and with Wes behind him. If we don''t then we won''t. Grabban should have been rested when went 4-4-2 earlier in the season but if we play the 4-2-3-1 then he''s the best in that role.[/quote] That Hooper and Wes combination has happened and Hooper''s gone shotless in a couple of them. yep, truly the best out of him... The excuses are hilariously pathetic.
  2. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]I''d have thought Akpom is a step behind Campbell. Campbell needed to be playing first team football as he is far too good for the reserves. Akpom is still young and it isn''t as vital for him to be getting senior football at the moment. Jaemae2 - every time you post on here, it is to slag Gary Hooper off, do you talk about anything else? Are you his ex partner or something?[/quote] pretty sure I talked about something else in this very thread. Reading comprehension is difficult, I know...
  3. Although this isn''t an option now (or probably in the future) if we did go up next year and were looking for a young loan striker option, I''d rather it be a guy like Bamford than Akpom. they are very different players with different positives, but at the PL level a guy like Bamford is much more ready. That said, for the situation now Akpom is a guy I''d like to have on a team. Wouldn''t expect him to blow people away, but he''d add a lot of energy as well as some strength and skill.
  4. [quote user="mrs miggins"]Mr Jenkins wrote the following post at 23/03/2015 4:15 PM: I think his mum has hacked his account ------------- lol[/quote] Well done. Also +1 to LC
  5. [quote user="mrs miggins"]Well I agree with you on the De Laet point, he gave away so many penalties and cost us so many points. On the Hooper front,his job is to link play up, like Hoolahan, however personally I don''t think this is his best position. I''d play him as a poacher because that''s where most of his goals have come from when playing for other clubs; being up top. However, like I say he''s still managed to score a lot of goals from the games he''s played despite playing this role. Saying that, I wouldn''t drop Jerome, he''s in the form of his life. I wouldn''t mind seeing a diamond v Brighton: ----------------Ruddy----------------- Whiits--Martin--Basson--Olsson ----------------Tettey------------------- ----Howson----------Johnson----- -------------Hoolahan--------------- -------Hooper-------Jerome-------[/quote] Fair enough, and I''ll stop. Jerome has indeed been a pleasant surprise, and far and away our best striker. Ultimately whoever helps this team perform to the best of it''s ability deserves to be on the field.
  6. Also no, Hooper hasn''t been playing CAM. He''s been a withdrawn striker, yes, but he''s been FAR FAR higher up the field than Wes has at any point and has pretty clearly 100% been playing striker. So try again, it will be hilarious.
  7. [quote user="mrs miggins"]To be fair Jerome''s done unexpectedly well and is scoring for fun. Grabban 22(10)= 12 goals Hooper 15 (8) = 10 goals (source= who scored.com) Hooper''s been playing as a CAM. Although I''d prefer Hooper up top, when having to play behind the striker he''s still scoring (how much has wes got when playing in the same position? 5 maybe?). Classic Jaemae, are you related to $hitster by any chance?[/quote] AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Hilarious. Hooper has scored more than half of his goals against teams that would be relegated from League 1 (in fact EXACTLY HALF OF THEM CAME FROM 2 GAMES) Then he''s scored 3 penalties HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH. Would you like to know how many other goals he''s scored from the 23 other games he''s played in? Go on, give it a go, it''s not hard.
  8. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Akpom is super, super raw but there is a huge amount of talent in there. As mentioned he is lightening fast and strong, so will add an extra dimension to Norwich''s attacking options. Seems strange people comparing him to the Murphys when they are wingers and he is a striker. Is his potential arrive going to potential get in the way of Loza''s and Morris''s development? Yes - but if he is a better player and scores the goals to get Norwich promoted should we really care? Pretty much all of Norwich''s main rivals have used the loan market to great effect - Derby and Boro would be much further down the table if it wasn''t for Ince, Bent and Bamford respectively. Also, it seems a host of Championship clubs want Akpom - getting him might mean he doesn''t go to Derby or Bournemouth. Which is reason enough to bring him in.[/quote] All of this. I like Akpom as a player. Does what he needs to to have an impact, other than scoring goals. Kid works hard, and helps his team. I don''t see him as quite adept in front of net yet, he doesn''t have a lot of composure. Maybe he''ll surprise, but he''s better than what we have right now and by far much much better.
  9. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Hmmmm.... De Laet a ''fantastic loan signing'' MM? Really?[/quote] Consider the source with that one... Hooper was going to "score bags of goals" in this league, as he was "such a proven goalscorer at this level"...
  10. [quote user="alartz"]Good job this board doesn''t pick the side. Miquel in a back 3 is a lmao moment. Same back 4 and ruddy Redmond tettey Johnson dorrans Hoolahan Hooper[/quote] You know what else is a LMAO moment? Anytime anyone suggest Gary Hooper should be on the field. Unless of course, you support Ipswich.
  11. You know that the words North and South are regional signifiers, right? Again, I forgot who the level of people I am mostly dealing with here.
  12. [quote user="Bradley Johnsons left foot"]For a conference standard player he sure has done well to score those goals in the Champions League,...along with the other 191 he''s got in his career. Also, ''Conference regional''[/quote] Yep, because he''d be over his head in Conference Premier, hence the differentiation. Not difficult, but I forgot who I''m mostly dealing with....
  13. 12 goals in not even 3/4 of a SPL season.
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