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Reasons why players have lost that hunger ? got comfortable ?

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I believe one of the reasons the players have lost the hunger is we have a mix of players that have got very comfortable at this level also players that know they will move on no matter how the club perform why do they need to bust a gut give 110 % each game ?

when we went up last time all the players wanted to prove themselves at the highest level and lambert told them they could !!

I think now we have a lot of players who know they can not perform at the highest level and will get replaced at the club if we do get up !

I am not saying they throw games or don''t want to win but I am saying that they get beaten by a team that REALLY want it like we did under as a team under lambert

if you look at some of our players is this the mental block / problem we have ?

ruddy .......knows he is not a top keeper also knows he will not get a big move to a top team

RM knows he is captain will always play here good wage NOT premiership quality comfy here

MO knows a premier team (Swansea ? ) will pick him up so not bothered if we go up or not ?

any of our CB ''S all know wouldn''t get in a premier team so comfy here on good wage

Redmond he will get picked up no matter how well Norwich do ?

o neil championship level will be replaced as soon as we go up so nice a comfy while we are in championship

KLaff knows he is lucky to get a game here now let alone if we went up

etc etc etc

these are just some examples why mentally only a few have anything to gain if we get promoted as they will either be not be good enough for premiership and be sold on or reserved or be sold on to the likes of Swansea so will be premier anyway you thoughts ?

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