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Petition (again)

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Please help if you can.

We seem to have reached an impasse, with just 555 signatures (out of a possible almost 6,000 at Goodison, on the day, and about 19,000 going to watch the Sheffield game on Saturday).

We have assumed that this is down to the fact that large numbers will have no access to the internet. So we have prepared a prinatble version of the petiton that we hope many of you will run off and put about in your local pubs, or other places where people of a like mind will gather. We are, also, hopeful that some of you might be prepared to collect signatures at Carrow Road on Saturday.

As you might be aware, the originators of the petition are disabled (and neither is allowed to drink for medical reasons) so getting out and about is difficult. Which is why your assistance is being sought.

As for collecting the signed petitons, postage paid, reply envelopes will be sent out, or somebody will arrange to pick them up from you/your pub.

Thank you, in anticipation. It is hoped that the weight of several thousand names to the petition will make the powers that be, at Everton, will take note of the strength of feeling, and stop trying to sweep the whole affair under the carpet.

Might I just add that editing rights have been granted to the petition, now. Resulting in the removal of inappropriate names/messages. Hence a ''drop'' in the totals.

The printable version of the petition can be found at:-


Cheers, everybody.

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Probable reason is that most people,myself included,just are not bothered about it.Everton fans for years have played up including at Carrow road and they are just a bunch of to**ers who will never admit to being wrong.

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