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  1. Please help if you can. We seem to have reached an impasse, with just 555 signatures (out of a possible almost 6,000 at Goodison, on the day, and about 19,000 going to watch the Sheffield game on Saturday). We have assumed that this is down to the fact that large numbers will have no access to the internet. So we have prepared a prinatble version of the petiton that we hope many of you will run off and put about in your local pubs, or other places where people of a like mind will gather. We are, also, hopeful that some of you might be prepared to collect signatures at Carrow Road on Saturday. As you might be aware, the originators of the petition are disabled (and neither is allowed to drink for medical reasons) so getting out and about is difficult. Which is why your assistance is being sought. As for collecting the signed petitons, postage paid, reply envelopes will be sent out, or somebody will arrange to pick them up from you/your pub. Thank you, in anticipation. It is hoped that the weight of several thousand names to the petition will make the powers that be, at Everton, will take note of the strength of feeling, and stop trying to sweep the whole affair under the carpet. Might I just add that editing rights have been granted to the petition, now. Resulting in the removal of inappropriate names/messages. Hence a ''drop'' in the totals. The printable version of the petition can be found at:- http://www.carrowroad.net/petitform.htm Cheers, everybody.
  2. Beelsie and Yankee Canary. What a condescending and puerile argument! You seem to assign this to a certain generation, whereas, I assure you, this cuts right across the board. I know of many professional people who attend games and get as emotionally involved as scholars. Age has nothing to do with this. And neither does social background. I would venture to suggest that you may have missed out on the opportunities to become involved in competetive sports yourselves, when younger! Still (and apologies to those who DO get passionate down in that stand), you could always sit with your flask and sarnies, whilst wrapped in your tartan blanket, in the River End, moaning about the noise from those around you!
  3. I''ve joined this debate rather late in the thread, but I feel as though I should say something! First of all, I heard no racist chants, whatsoever. I did see the bottle thrown on the pitch, and, secretly, hoped that the perpetrator would be found, ejected, and, possibly, prosecuted. Even against Northampton in the Carling Cup, where we played like we weren''t there, and their ''keeper, within yards of us, was time-wasting to an extravagant degree, I''ve never witnessed anything like that. So far as the other comments go, I have to ask what is wrong with a bit of passion in our support? Perhaps some of the contributors to this argument might be better off at a rugby match? Or, maybe, tiddley-winks? What about the support for the likes of Henman at Wimbledon. When his opponents make an error, it is greeted with cheers! Is that not unacceptable behaviour? And, the recent darts finals. I saw somebody in the crowd with a sign saying, ''Taxi For Taylor''. Isn''t that, also, unacceptable? And, Beelsie, did you ever take a gas rattle to games in days gone by? Wasn''t that off-putting to some players? I also think some of our chants are hilarious. What about, ''Top of the League at Portman Road''. Is that out of order? And, in reply to the Derby fans who took the micky out of our Premiership hopes, and then us going 3-1 up, ''Top of the League and we''re having a Laugh.'' Is that antagonistic? And, what about Saturday, when the ref seemed to be biased towards Everton? ''The referee''s a Scouser''. Come on. When was the last time you let your hair down and had a laugh? Those players, out there, give 100%, and I, amongst thousands of other supporters, give those boys 100%. If it means intidimdating the opposition by jeering and catcalling, great! It makes Carrow Road an even more formiddable fortress! And clubs will know it when Norwich is on the road!
  4. In this Memorial Graden, is there room to install an ornamental windmill? :0)
  5. And, Adolf Hitler was allowed to get away with setting up concentration camps, and committing genocidal, ethinic cleansing, because the people said nothing. Maybe an extreme anaology, but, how will the Board be able to make informed decisions if we just submit to whatever they choose to do? They are the custodians of OUR club. If we do not pass through the turnstiles because of our dissatisfaction at their actions, or lack of them, what chance will they have to continue to play their cards close to their collective chests when administrators will be overseeing their every move? And, in this day and age, what club (with the possible exception of Man Utd) is clear of all debt, and operating at a profit?
  6. A few of us intend travelling up to Preston on the Friday in time to do a tour of the football museum. We will be staying in B+B overnight and watching the Rugby World Cup Final before going on to watch the game. We will be travelling home after the game. There are some vacancies if anybody is interested in making a weekend of it. If you are, let me know, via this board at your earliest opportunity, so that we can book accomodation.
  7. Wouldn''t it be nice if we could buy Huckerby? But, what thought has gone into the posiibility of ''parity wages'' for the likes of Mulryne, McVeigh, and so on? If we DO push the boat out and get Huckerby, what''s to say that Nigel Worthington isn''t going to have to face queues outside his office with players asking for their wages to be incresed in line with Hucks? These MUST be the questions that are confronting the Board. It isn''t just a case of transfer fees and one mans wages. And, if there should be no parity in wages, what will it look like when we get 10 transfer requests put in because of the wage cap that they have all had to live with for so long? Some of our younger players will be on less than a grand a week. What message will they take if Hucks comes in on, say, 10 grand, when they have been told that the likes of Iwan have got by on less for years? If (and it is a big IF) Hucks would be prepared to take about 8 grand, there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Thing is, will he take such a drop in wages to become a big fish in a little pond?
  8. I don''t wish to be seen to take sides, but it ought to be remembered that many of us travel to away games. It would be almost impossible for the board to be moderated in such circumstances. True, many staff at Archant cannot manage to travel, but, like you or I, they can hardly be expected to stay in on a Saturday night. Perhaps, as previously mentioned, some volunteer moderators might be considered. The problems involved with editorial content, copyrights and defmatory comments could be discussed with those volunteers with a ''training'' session. I tend to agree with most views, that the delay betwixt posting and displaying the message has been a deterrent in my contributions. On the other hand, ''instant replays'' are available on many other fans sites. I have always considered this board as one for more ''serious'' opinions, with a wider audience of similar-minded posters. Thus, in many ways, I think that the board''s method of ''vetting'' posts is invaluable in maintaining that air of ''broadsheet over tabloid''.
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