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Player Exodus .... fill the gaps with Youth = Neil Appointed

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Hear me out guys, I am completely underwhelmed with the news and was hoping a name would come in to give the club a lift..

BUT I can see the logic with Neil (even though I don''t agree) let''s assume the following is true :

- Loads of players want out or primed to leave: Fer, Wolf, Bassong, Elmander, Howson, Ruddy, Olsson, Pilkington.

- Time to give youth fringe players a chance.

- Impressed with the way Norwich played under Neil regarding commitment and attacking football.

I can hear Delia deciding to consolidate, see who''s left player wise and bring in the youth with a cheap manager who knows them well.

Maybe they thought a new manager would have to much to juggle ?

Just trying to see it from their point of view and this seems to be the only angle I can think off.

Prudence with no ambition ?

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