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The Great Mass Debater

Approach for Fulham

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Never mind what Adams might do. What would your team for Fulham be and how would you have them play?  Me personally, I feel we mustnt forget that the pressure is on Fulham not us. Theyre the team in the relegation zone that has to catch us. They need to make up the ground so they need to come to us. I say let them, and then take advantage of the space they leave. That game 10 years ago ended up 6-0 because we had no choice but to attack, and everytime we did, they suckerpunched us. I say be like Floyd Mayweather, not Ricky Hatton. Pick them off cleverly, dont put your head down and wade in. Lets keep the pressure on Fulham not ourselves. Consequently I would have the team playing fast and direct (almost route one) to our two outlets Redmond and Olsson on the right and left wing, running onto balls and outpacing the fullback, and cutting back to Hooper and RvW arriving late in the style of Frank Lampard. We''re away, so why not play the counter. I think they''ll be more upset with a draw than us.



Martin Yobo/Turner Bassong Garrido

Redmond Tettey Johnson Olsson

------------Hooper RvW--------

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