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bottom end run in

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Crystal Palace ( 37 from 33, -15 ) Everton (A), West Ham (A), Man City (H), Liverpool (H), Fulham (A)

Hull ( 36 from 33, -6) Arsenal (H), Fulham (A), Aston Villa (A), Man United (A), Everton (H)

Aston Villa ( 34 from 33, -14) Southampton (H), Swansea (A), Hull (H), Man City (A), Tottenham (A)

Swansea ( 33 from 33, -4) Chelsea (H), Newcastle (A), Aston Villa (H), Southampton (H), Sunderland (A)

West Brom ( 33 from 33, -11) Man City (A), West

Ham (H), Arsenal (A), Sunderland (A), Stoke (H)

Norwich ( 32 from 34, - 27) Liverpool (H), Man United (A), Chelsea (A), Arsenal (H)

Fulham ( 30 from 34, -40) Tottenham (A), Hull (H), Stoke (A), Crystal Palace (H)

Cardiff (29 from 34, -29) Stoke (H), Sunderland (A), Newcastle (A), Chelsea (H)

Sunderland (25 from 32, -25) Man City (A), Chelsea (A), Cardiff (H), Man United (A), West Brom (H), Swansea (H)

In case people wanted to see it. No need to thank me... If Fulham lose a couple, it could be squeaky bum time at the Cottage.

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