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Making Plans

The FA Cup

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For several seasons now we have abandoned the FA Cup on the pretense that our main objective is survival in the PL.And what a fat lot of good that''s done us.In recent years we''ve suffered defeats against the likes of Bury, Leicester, Charlton and Carlisle plus of course total humiliation against Luton. Look at Wigan last year.OK so they got relegated but they won the FA Cup, experienced the Europa League & have a great chance of getting back into the PL this season.Compare that to the "excitement" we''ve had to endure after yet another surrender in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup again this season.And now Hull - to all intents & purposes a similar Club to us but whilst they are looking forward to an FA Cup Final, PL survival & possible European competition, all we''ve got to look forward to is 4 very difficult games against 4 top teams and probable relegation.Sunderland have also had 2 good cup runs & even though they might get relegated their fans have been to a final & had a good day out and something to remember.Next season, whatever league we''re in and whoever is in charge, let''s hope we put more of a focus on the Cups & not put all our eggs into one basket, especially if they end up getting broken.

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