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Manic Street Preacher

Andy Flower - an example for football managers to follow

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I may be naive but I have immense respect for Andy Flowers decision to resign as England Coach.

He led England to number 1 test spot, England won a series in India for the first time in 20 years, retained the. Ashes, and won the T20 World Cup.

I believe that if he''d had waited to be sacked rather than having resigned, he would have received compensation in excess of £1 million from the ECB.

I think AF showed himself to be a man on immense integrity

What has this go to do with football?

I find it infuriating that football seems to have produced a breed of Clueless Numptys such as Hooooton who despite the over whelming evidence that they couldn''t manage their way out of a revolving door, remain their posts in the knowledge that in the event of their sacking they''ll get a huge compensation payout.

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