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The Great Mass Debater

Summer transfer budget and rebates

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Last summer, the board decided to spend over 8 million on a striker that has apparently had 6 shots on target all season, in a season where we are our most goal-shy ever. Carrow road has seen fewer goals than any other premier league ground. Away games seem to be almost written off, indeed I think we have 8 points from them all season, with the performances often no-shows. So here''s what I think the board should do this summer. Considering that going to an away game costs about £50 for a ticket, maybe up to £100 on transport and possibly accomodation, and a hell of a lot of time and effort, to see such little effort in return, I think that instead of splurging a similar amount of money on a similarly ineffective forward this summer, the club should make the fans really happy, and spend that money on re-imbursing everybody who went to one of these no-shows. Its really just not fair on away supporters at present

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