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Fast approaching the time when must not lose turns to must win games.

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Having listened to the radio and watched the highlights, it was easy to see where the turning point came, Pilks on for Redmond and Elmander on for Hooper, after that West Sham had more time to move forward down the flanks and we changed our mind set to hold what we have!


Up to that point we were playing well and had them on the rack, can we defend Hughton for the changes, welll you could argue two games in three days was too much for Redmond but then Snodders was having another poor game so like everyone on here and in the press I cannot fathom why Hughton took off our two danger players! what is he thinking.


Why not stay as we were, we were not chasing the game and nor did we look like we needed a change, yet around 75 minutes the normal time for Hughton he changed it!


So where are we now, we are fast approaching must win games, given that we have only won twice since start of December in 14 league games picking up 11 points, can we pick up another 11 points from the last 12 games and will this be enough, will 36 points be enough to stay up?


I am and have been so bored by this season, fans at each other and players not perfroming anywhere near what they can, the board sitting bck very quiet and little investment in January, it all appears to be about shoring things up for the worst to happen come may!


Has Houghton completed his goals laid down byt the board, has he improved the team, has he taken us towards the top 10 and has he invested the boards biggest player budget wisely?


I have said from day one, I would have liked an attacking coach brought in, I didn''t rate the Calderwood Trollope coaching methods and ultimately it''s down to Hughton to have addressed this. Would it have made any difference who knows, but where we are now couldn''t really be any worse.


So fan against fan, team who even when playing well get changed and players themselves like Redmond must look back to last night and question the manager''s tactics in taking him off!, Players not happpy and publically saying so and ex players having a dig at our current management! Not a good season really.

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