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Overrated, over paid

Caretaker suggestion....

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Whilst I do not expect our Board to do anything but hide in their tower refusing to deal with the obvious, I have come up with a radical plan to see the season out should Hughton walk.

I''d appoint a 3 man managerial team to oversee our remaining fixtures, the three amigos!

We need Experience and tactical awareness coupled with a detailed understanding of the Premier League:

Step forward Alan Hansen - experienced, no nonsense and a friend of Delia. Imaging the media coverage we would get!

We need a leader with fire in his belly and a steely determination to get our players firing:

Step forward Marco Pierre White - I could imaging him head butting opposition managers and intimidating referees, again imagine the media coverage we would get.

We need someone with an in depth understanding of the club, a Norwich City man who knows how to win:

Step forward Neil Adams!

A trio of Hansen, White and Adams would at least ensure an entertaining end to the season and the PR our club would attract would make Gareth Bales transfer look like a brief mention!

Whilst this is a tad tongue in cheek I actually believe they''d do no worse than our existing manager.

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