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Tetteys Jig

Fantastic Response, can we give Hughton an ultimatum every game!

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Well the defence first of all deserve the highest praise. Ruddy was terrific apart from his kicks. It''ll be a traversty if he doesn''t get a place in the world cup squad with Forster and Hart. Best of all, you could see the team really up for it and most of the confidence that had been drained seems to have come back a bit.

Tettey''s return to the team has been magnificent, he provides much drive and composure to our midfield that has been sorely missed. Johnson looks twice the player with him next to him too.

Yes we pushed our luck with Adebayors heavy touches and Soldado''s lead boots, but it''s about time we got some reward for our performance.

For me, the problems are far from solved, we still can''t buy a goal for our strikers, but it''s a very welcome 3 points and I just hope finally we can push on and get some decent consistent results finally. Hughton and co can have my full belief back if they can muster up a win next week versus Villa.

For now, hopefully he can sleep a bit easier this week and get the team geared up ready to take the game to Villa. We are set up well to cope with counter attacks so that just astounds me more as to why we always lose to them!

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