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Bradwell canary

Throw ins.....no idea at all

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We give away possession all to easy. Even from throw ins. Last night so many were simply thrown along the line, often to Snodgrass. Every time he was out jumped by the defender behind him. Nothing new, it has happened all season long. So from having 100 % of possession , we give it to the opposition. It was also noticeable last night that when Newcastle had possession at throw ins, there was a lot of movement by players finding space to receive the ball, and they were in a more in play positions, and all seemed to want the ball.

Our players just did not make this movement, it almost seemed to me that they did not want to receive the ball. Probably caused by a huge lack of confidence.

Can''t our so called coaching team see these simple things, and work on them.

Finally we miss Howson in midfield so much, cant wait to see him back, which sadly seems some way off.

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