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The Manager Stick or Twist

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My view alas seems to change several times every month but we are coming up to a critical point when the Board have to make their mind up. Stick with the manager and give him cash to shore up a very thin central mid field that was exposed very badly against a very poor Fulham side yesterday or get rid and bring in a fresh team with the time to assess what we have and bring in a few new faces.I have to say the drab performances even when we win are starting to grate and as for the coaching the constant passing sideways in defense and back to the keeper seems to be getting worse and forces errors which are needless. I cannot see things getting better even if we stay up so for me even if we keep him i would get rid at the end of the season. As for this season the make your mind up time will be after the Palace game. If we have got 3 or 4 points from the next 2 games then ok then he just about buys an extension to the end of the season but 0 or 1 and that must be it as far as i am concerned

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