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Limbo dancing

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For the last few weeks we''ve been in this very strange limbo position in the table. A position where 3 points would see us mid table but equally 0 points could see us in the relegation zone. This is just the nature of how things have panned out and is nobody''s fault.

Whilst this generates a lot of healthy debates between the happy clappers, hootn outers and fence sitters it is probably the worst position to be in and in my opinion is one of the reasons why our performances are so up and down this season. It means that Hughton has to chose a team and set tactics that will be both capable of going for three points whilst not not conceding and getting 0 points and letting the sides below us overtake. The result being that we don''t seem focused on either. We seem to always set up to counter the opposition which is not always the best thing to do. We should set up to play to our own strengths. We are horribly inconsistent at the moment and don''t seem to be able to generate any kind of consistency which must be having a negative effect on the players.

If we get to mid table the pressure relaxes and Hughton can start playing to our strengths more. Hughton has stated that he wants to play Hooper and Ricky together. We are yet to see this.

If we drop into the relegation positions then the board will have to act by giving Hughton an ultimatum or even get a new manager in.

Whilst we are in this strange limbo position we will continue to bumble along not being poor enough for changes to be forced nor good enough to build some momentum and consistency.

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