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If We're going down let's do it fighting! Man Up Hughton!!

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It''s about time we saw some guts from Hughton and start to have a go at some of these teams instead of trying not to lose. If we lose or even get relegated i want to see us go down fighting and be able to say ''We did our best''. All we got today was a defensive City with 2 strikers frustrated all afternoon with no service until the last 20 minutes.Hooper and RVW would have done better if Hughton hadn''t bottled it in

midfield! We had no one attacking down the wings to give the strikers

any service. Hughton played a very defensive midfield. Garrido is a

defender and Snoddy is out of form and needs a rest. When Redmond came

on we  started to look threatening but not before. We only came to life

in the last 20 mins. Hughton needs to act sooner with his substitutions.

If Hughton plays 2 up front then he needs to play attacking midfielders

to provide the service. Hooper and RVW cannot do it on their own.

Should of started the game with Redmond and Murphy and Garrido and

Snoddy on the bench. MAN UP HUGHTON!!!

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