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Tetteys Jig

Could be worse

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We''re 16th, which to be honest, if it ends like that, it wouldn''t be so bad. Safe for another season of premiership footy and money.

Hull look vulnerable after a couple of early lucky wins and we''re three points off them now, the sides below also look poor. We may well be the best of a poor bottom 6 by the end. Boring, but not devestating.

However, Hughton''s restrictive tactics look like they might cripple us. I would compare McCarthys sacking from Wolves, they were above the drop zone but after a good start, they were struggling, so they sacked him.

After that, they barely picked up any more points and went down with a whimper.

Now here''s the thing, i don''t think they were wrong sacking McCarthy, they were wrong not appointing a replacement that was a competent manager. Terry Connor as caretaker was a dreadful decision. As bad as Burnley appointing Brian Laws when Coyle left.

I have finally been swayed into the Hughton out camp, but we could do a lot worse. I hope we are lining someone up that will get us playing with a bit more endeavour and with good contacts and a winning attitude. Should there be nobody out there suitable, then we might as well stick with Hughton.

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