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When the chips are down things go against you!

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Well now we have Snodders and Pilks potentially joining Tettey & Bennett on the long term injusry list.


I have not heard anything clear cut but it doesn''t look great for Snooders and still waiting to hear about Pilks.


That first half just summed up our perfromances under Hughton, we only started to play when the game was away from us! That fist goal was just too had to take, but it happens and more often when you don''t need it to happen.


Maybe we need to send the players out believing we are 2 down, because we do respond in games, but we need to be up for it from the start.


Critical game coming up, Palace off the back of a good result, new manager and us off the back of another loss, the pressure will be on again. We will be without Tettey, Snodgrass, if Pilks makes it, he will only just be fit enough or carrying an injury, RVW might be back but having missed so many games will be rusty!!!!!! and so on and so on.


A crucial game this weekend with some major injuries, this is not me but we really need to get behind the team this weekend, it''s not Hughton fault we have been unlucky with injuries, but the players out there will need to be strong anf up for a fight against Palace and so will us the fans!


Stay posistive and be patient!

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