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Rudolph Hucker

The Solution

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Here is a solution to our problems which will satisfy the supporters belief they know best and Hughton''s evident indecision.

In the period up to a game the club presents a list of fit and available players online who we can vote for in certain positions once we get the bill payers permission.

Voting will incur a charge and will close within 12 hours of kick off. After that period you vote will not count but you may still be charged.

Hughton then plays that team. This will suit him as today showed when injuries made his best selection (Wes) and Luciano selected himself through the media. Give him a side and he''s fine. Get him to make tough choices and he struggles.

Substitutions have been tough for Chris in live play so ''get yer phones and laptops aaarrrrtttt!!'' And tell Chris to make a sub and by voting for that sub giving him two choices.

Under every seat at the ground will be an electronic pad so Chris can ask the audience, go 50-50 or phone a friend. The last item might be difficult because he is so nice he has a lot, mostly outside Norfolk but concentrated in North London, Birmingham and Newcastle.

This solution will satisfy the fans, help Chris do the right thing while avoiding criticism and raise additional income. The process will be hosted by Adrian Forbes so every decision will be positive and great.

It''s amazing it hasn''t been thought of before.

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