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Why Hughton Must Go

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I''ve been a member of the ''Hughton Out'' band for a while now, having travelled to both Manchester games to watch us concede goal after goal. Frankly I was baffled that Hughton kept his job after the Manchester City game.

The main complaint against him has always been his negativity, always prioritising defence over attack (even at 3-0 down as we saw vs Liverpool, where he was more concerned with not conceding the 4th rather than getting back into the game) but a quick look at our goal difference clearly shows that even his negative tactics fail miserably at limiting the goals we concede.

His attacking play is poor, Liverpool was the perfect team to counter-attack. But every time we won the ball, there was only ever 1 or 2 players ahead of the ball, and no one getting forward in any urgency. This was clearly under instruction of Hughton, and I could hear from nearby microphones him shouting "slow it down". Against Crystal Palace it''s a disgrace we can only manage 1 goal (which we then defended for the last 20 minutes - typical)

I won''t bother going over his post match interview methods - everyone must be aware of how annoying it is. I do marvel at his ability to make even the worst teams sound like they could go toe-to-toe with Barcelona though!

The pure and simple fact of the matter is this - I no longer enjoy watching my team play. That alone is reason enough to sack him.

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