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Rudolph Hucker

Racism in Football

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For racism in football read racism in life because all life is here. The only differences I can see are the high profiles and the passion football creates. But the law is the same and the individuals deserve the same protections.


This is not a simple issue though.


Until yesterday we had an FA panel which was completely unrepresentative and the new panel, which has the main aim of garnering success for the male England Team, is not much changed. By contrast, the England team itself comprises a large number of boys who would probably describe themselves as black and mixed race. From points of view I heard over the weekend this is clearly an issue which means much to former black players who generally expressed a desire to be involved themselves. There''s one aspect for you.


Roy Hodgson will have managed players of almost every ethnicity in his time, but he is of a certain generation and might not have developed the default which stops most people making jokes as he made in the England dressing room. He would never consider himself a racist but again he might never be able to fully empathise. There''s another aspect.


Having heard Roy''s remark another player leaked it and a reported published it? The reasons for doing so are unknown. It might have been a noble course to punish a man for a remark or it might have been out of media self-interest. It could even have been a Scottish - English football thing. Whatever the reason it recognises the empowerment of racism. We see it on message boards where individuals bring out a witch hunt mentality to set themselves over others. It is actually a reverse of the principles of anti-racism because the whole racism thing, like other forms of abuse, is all about control. Witness the remarks of Stan Collymore and Dion Dublin since the Hodgson issue broke. Too much of something or too far simply de-values the principle but that is not the same thing as tolerating wrongdoing. This is another aspect.


There is overt racism in the form of words on social media. Again, all life is here and we cannot assume those doing it are always general individuals as access is broad. The problem with this is that the media is so broad it tarnishes whole groups of people rather than the individuals. At present, Norwich supporters will feel stained by association due to a latest comment by an individual whose true association or mentality is unknown. Yet another aspect.


Another sort of overt racism comes in the form of vocal protest with groups such as the EDL. Whatever the original intentions with such groups they soon become a vehicle for every kind of idiot. EDL came out of Luton where a regimental homecoming was the subject of Islamic protest by a small group who the police did not deal with. They will also attract people at the bottom end of society, those who rely upon public services and low pay jobs who have been most affected by mass immigration which competes in the same areas. These groups feel a sense of righteous indignation but they lose the plot too easily and are quickly corrupted to negative effect.


Finally, for me although being about human beings there are doubtless many others, we have the racism which sees the perpetrator consciously doing or omitting to do something against another on the grounds of their ethnicity. We all know what it means but I think we have to realise these individuals are much more sly than idiots on message boards and harder to counter as they hide their light under a bushel.


I list all of these things because I believe a straightforward issue has become truly complex and divisive. We should strive to be at ease with each other and in our daily associations I believe we are but confidence can be damaged by over-reaction as much as inaction because this is essentially about education and hearts and minds. Thus all groups feel persecuted and become more insular.


Let the police deal with these trolls and let Chris Hughton get on with what most concerns him in his life outside of his family and that is managing our great club. No doubt the press will hound him over this and he might feel as tired of it as Dion Dublin was when asked just before the Villa game when he expected to be asked about the game but got asked about Townsend vs Hodgson.


We are all different. Live with it. 

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