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Yorkshire  Canary

November will decide the managers short term future

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The vocal minority want the manager out, the silent majority either are undecided[ as i am ] or fully back him. The start to this season has been disappointing albeit by no means a total disaster. We have had 2 good wins and 2 bad defeats with the games against the top clubs going to form. I suspect the Board are nervous and may have already sounded out potential replacements but keen to give the manager and team more time. Injuries and a loss of form in some players eg Snodgrass and bassong have not help, add to that our new strikers at the moment have been disappointing. we have spent a lot of cash by our standards but Cardiff who we should have beaten last weekend have spent £31m as a newly promoted club. The month has 4 league fixtures, most will have already written off the game against Man City which will put us on 8 pts from 10 games. We then have 2 winnable home games and an away fixture at Newcastle that could goeither way. IMO the manager and team need 6pts from November or i suspect that the pressure for change ahead of the January transfer window will result in a new manager. If we do get the 6pts then 14pts from 13 games starts to look a lot better and should enable us to kick on and allow the current manager the breathing space to use the January budgets. There will be twists and turns along the way but i am optimistic that we can get those 6 pts in November and i really hope we do

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