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It's Character Forming

ICF Man C report

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Kerp this bruef obv. Another trek over the M62, heavy rain over the Pennines and I probably should''ve turned back then.

Lineup - Ruddy, Martin turner Bassong and Garrido

CM BJ, Fer and Howson

Wing Pilks and Whittaker replacing Snoddy

Hooper up front

Murphy Elmander and Becchio included on the bench

Another in a run of fixtures against the top teams and its worn us down imo.

BJ for Tettey was predictable and Whittaker for Snoddy struck me as sensible for this fixture.

The game started with plenty of possession for them and worrying space on our flanks, but we were creating chances too when we had the ball.

After 15 mins the storm began with a cruel double ricochet of a shot that looped it high over ruddy. 5 minutes later they broke and Silva finished clinically. We were under the cosh now and soon from a corner a contested header looped in the top of the goal. It was that sort of day and with City shell shocked it was no surprise when Man C added a fourth and if it had been a fight it would''ve been stopped.

So on to the second half and Murphy and Elmander on and we briefly improved but couldn''t convert a couple of chances and the rout continued with some superb finishes from them.

Obviously a dreadful game and for the first time it does leave me actually worried. We have lost the defensive solidity we had much of last year and can''t score either. Poor performance by many players obviously today, I wish at least Becchio could''ve had a crack, he couldn''t have done less than Elmander

So where do we go from here? With the Board obviously but my guess is they will give CH a few more games at least.

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