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Equal responsibility

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Let''s face it, right now there is a horrible dark cloud over the whole of Norwich City Football Club. Russell Martin has said after the match today that the players are "embarrassed". Well, you''re not the only ones, Russ.

I don''t like to play the blame game too much. I think it encourages the wrong kind of behaviour and only leads to dead end conversations. Evidenced by several comments on this board. I do however like to try and take a step back every now and again, in order to take stock of everything.

The situation we find ourselves in is a very unfamiliar one. Unfamiliar for the players, the fans and the staff. Whilst we haven''t been pulling up trees in the Premiership over the past 3 seasons we also haven''t been rolling over game after game. You could argue that this is our worst patch of form in years. Unfortunately, this means we may not be well versed in how to deal with the position we find ourselves in.

There are many questions to be asked right now, and not many answers: Is Hughton the right man for us? Why are our players struggling to get motivated? What needs to happen to stop the rot? All I know is that for these questions to be answered, everyone needs to actually work as a team; instead of just focusing on individuals.

This really means everyone. Firstly, the board need to understand the fans frustrations. We pay good money and have supported our club for years, and deserve a say. A refund for all travelling fans today would be a nice, dare I say essential touch.

Secondly, the players and the staff need to work closer together and learn from the mistakes made. There are plenty, take your pick. Don''t keep pointing fingers. I''ve seen a bit of disharmony on the pitch between players recently and that is not acceptable. Stand up and take responsibility. Stop trying to shift the blame.

Finally, the fans and the players need to help each other as much as possible. I know how frustrating things are right now, but we are there to show that we back the team. Opinions on personnel aside, we''re here to support the team and I firmly believe they need us as much as we need them. As for the players, now it''s time to stand up and be counted. You can either let your heads drop and hope something goes your way, or force the issue and give it everything.

Don''t misinterpret the comments above as an attack on our club. It isn''t. I just wanted to get a slightly different point of view across. We''re all hurting right now, pulling together is by far our best solution at the minute,

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