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Making Plans

11 goals in 2 games

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Yes, one goal conceeded every 17 minutes in the space of 180 minutes. Not good reading if you''ve gone to Man U & Man C with a defensive line ups & a defensive attitude - I''m assuming we had a defensive attitude because on neither occassion did I see very much attacking. We certainly never set out to win those games and once the first goals went in each match went in we capitulated & became a rabble. Might as well had a go because it couldn''t have been any worse.  If Hughton is defensive minded then he''s just as useless at that as he is attacking because sure as hell we can''t defend.So what was "the game plan" for these 2 matches because it''s obvious in both games that we were beaten long before the bus left Norwich.At no time in either game did the Manager, the coaching staff or the players, believe that we could get a result and that is a shocking situation for any PL Club.There was no team spirit, no encouragement from the Captains (Club or Match) and I was waiting for some sort of response or inspiration from the "technical" area, but it never came.Not only was there no Plan B, there didn''t seem to be a Plan A either. All we get in knee jerk reactions - take Hooper off, put Hooper on. The only consistency we get is bad decisions and/or badly timed decisions.As far as I can see not a lot of thought goes into team selection, formation or tactics. It looked like we never had a serious plan to to try & win those 2 games. Hughton isn''t managing, he''s just bumbling from one error to another.  Half time talks, if there are any, have no effect whatsoever so what goes on in the dressing room is a mystery.Substitutions remain a joke as in all honesty they never make a difference. How many times Hughton brought on someone that''s turned a defeat into a win. Hooper looks like becomming the next Becchio and he must be completely confused & demoralised.So with RVW injured, Becchio frozen out and Hooper on & off more often than traffic lights, we''re left with Elmander, who seems to be Hughton''s only solution to our goal drought, as our main striker. Bassong has become a liability & should have been dropped weeks ago. Furthermore, his Capatancy of the team has proved to be non existent.Neither Snodgrass or Pilkington have shown much in the way of form but Murphy only gets a chance when we''re already on the end of a tonking. Despite being our best attacking player by far, Redmond''s appearances have been "restricted" because he''s only young & needs to be protected - from what?.Howson gets moved from pillar to post as soon as there is a crisis in a game & Hoolahan seems to have lost the will to live, and who can blame him.Johnson suddenly looks out of his depth & can''t pass yet when we so desperately need someone who can pass we let Fox go out on loan.But let''s be fair - none of these are bad players. They are just not getting the right sort of support, direction & encoragement from the management. They are confused, bewildered and demoralised. Drained of confidence & self belief. All it needs is for someone to point them in the right direction, play to their strengths & give them a chance of winning. It is really as simple as that.Beat West Ham next week?I doubt it.

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