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Have Man City done us a favour?

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After reading all that''s gone on since Saturday i can''t help feeling that Man City may have done our football club a big favour by giving us a thrashing and bringing this terrible start to the season to a head.

I feel we have had this coming and hopefully it''s the kick up the backside and scare that Hughton and all the players needed.

If he can get them sorted now and start being a bit more positive on the pitch i think with a result on Saturday it could be the start of our season.

Hughton must stop being so negative and focussing on other teams strengths as he is working out defensive stategies leaving little if any attacking options.

I''d like to see RVW play behind Hooper and see how they get on. RVW is full of running and to me doesn''t look like an out and out striker. He''s not a Van Persie but could be our Rooney!

Hooper will start scoring i''ve no doubt but he must have the service. RVW could be that service with Howson and Fer in support and Snoddy and Pilks down the line.


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