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Pushing on

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I am delighted with the result today, but we really have to push on this time. After each league win so far this season, we have failed to even draw the next game. Newcastle is a great opportunity for at least a point and Crystal Palace are there for the taking. Hughton and the players have to take the lessons from today and the last few weeks and put them into practice. We can''t afford another Hull or Villa.

Massive positives from today include three of our attacking options getting off the mark for the season. Hooper, Fer and Snodgrass all took their chances, and a few golden opportunities were wasted as well.

How the management fail to see what we see from the stands bemuses me sometimes though. Our best games and performances have come when we press as a team, and we let Howson off the leash! He said he let Howson push forward more in the second half, why did he have to tell him? Its clearly Howson''s best position, so between him and Fer they should be able to decide to push on themselves (leaving one sitting), it shouldn''t take permission from the manager for our best attacking midfielder to attack. There''s too much fear and not enough freedom when attacking. Notice that when Johnson came on, it let Fer push on and get into the advanced position to score. Also, it seemed to me that we were trying to pick that killer ball through a very crowded central area in the first half, when our wingers were actually in space for the first time! Our choices of how to use the ball have been very poor this season, and it has to change.

We need a result of sorts at Newcastle, otherwise our unbeaten record this season will remain at 1 game, and that is terrible! Today should give players like Hooper and Fer the confidence to push on, and if they do, then our season will look a lot brighter in 2 games time.

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