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Rogue Baboon

The Best Possible Scenario?

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It clearly hasn''t worked for Chris Hughton here (barring the 10 game run) as well as we all hoped. However, maybe just maybe, tonight he realised his job was hanging by a thread.

Because of this, Hopefully he sees that he may not get many more chances if results continue to go against us with poor performances on the road putting massive pressure on us to get the results at home. Maybe tonight will make him think twice about setting a team up to get at stoke and actually go for the win as opposed to sitting back and hoping to nick a point

Maybe his job being on the line will force him to try and set us up to actually get at teams and put some confidence back into the team. Possibly one of the simplest football equations is confidence = goals = points. It may be that being on the ropes against Watford could just have given us that lift we all needed.

Or we just set out for a 0-0 draw on sunday and lose again...

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