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Game review - what are your opinions?

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I have to say that although I was really depressed with the result I think it was a test paper for the team. Some players gave their all and some didnt, for me that was more infuriating than the result.

Safri was absoloutly fantastic untill the minute he had to come off (yes, for those that didnt know his groin injury flaired up again!). He was hounding and tackling very well even brushing Bouba Diop off the ball a few times. His passing was also brilliant. I think in the way of player changes this one affected us the most.

For me the ref was one of two of the worse points of the match. He gave a free kick to Zack night for McKenzie simply challenging him shoulder to shoulder but then failed to give two free kicks and dissalowd a decent goal. That knocked the stuffing out of the team because if they had stood we would have gone in at half time 3-2 the better, and we deserved it too.

I think that the quick goal in the second half was the final nail. The players new that they needed 4 goals to stay up unless the rest of the other three were out of luck also - something that hasnt seemed to happen in this relegation fight. There is allways one team with the luck it seems . . . .

For me the most upsetting player on the pitch was Damian Francis. I cant even remember him getting a challenge in or a touch on the ball. He was to blame for the first goal as he was marking and tracking McBride but let him go 8 yrds out. For someone that has been touted a premiership player he let himself and the team down.

I dont think that there was another player on the pitch that didnt go for it. And as for substitutions I think Worthington got them spot on. Helveg came off for two reasons in my opinion. He had gained a yellow card (for next to nothing! rediculous) and was frequently left for dead by Boa Morte.

Actually I though Jonson did very well when he came on. He played almost as a wing-back and obviously cared about the situation. A couple of good runs down the right and it seemed to widen out formation a little. Unfortunately the third goal pretty much finnished any sort of rigidity the team had and as some of you mentioned it all fell apart there on in.

As for the effect of the defeat, I am still proud to be Norwich, still proud to think that a team worth £4 million is able to compete with the best in the premiership. I will allways think that this season was a success, it will  be even more of a success if we can get promoted back up next season.

For me the Fulham match had smacks of the Cardiff Play-Off final about it. We had scraped it through that far but deserved the chance. In some ways that set a benchmark, and I think this season has done it again. I am sure next time we are in the Top league in the world we will be safe before the last day of the season!


p.s. The fans were great yesterday! Out sang Fulham even when we were 6-0 down, either that or the sky soundmen preferd their noises. I had to sit in a pub in Surrey with a bunch of idiot Arsenal fans behind me. It isnt fun when your the only NCFC supporter!

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