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Decisions, decisions

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As we have now been relegated, what do you think is the best course of action? I''d personally like to see a bit of a clearout, although obvsiously keeping the core of the squad intact. I''m just wondering what Worthington is thinking - if we had stayed up, I think the clearout of the ''dead wood'' would have surely happened, but now it seems likely that we will be using our Championship players such as Edworthy, Fleming and Holt instead, who are obviously all 2 years older since our last season there so there are no guarentees they will be upto it. And if we do get back up at the first time of asking, they will definitely need to be replaced, as they''re clearly not upto it, so it might as well happen now. I''d like to see a sensible rebuild, as in not breaking the bank - maybe have a look around the lower leagues?

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