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Player interviews regarding internationals/ jan window/ spurs away

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Really don''t care if Russell Martin and others are fired up for internationals, I care about Ncfc. Pointless interviews unless they are about Ncfc. Usually they are painful about building up for the next game and how our performance will be better etc.

January window, there will be cash to spend and for those who think if we are doing well we may not need too, I think there are areas and with injuries then or possibly in the run in we will need cover. So I am sure we will get in a player possibly another then.

Spurs away is it good timing?, after the international break... We can do our homework, they look to struggle to score at the moment and international break could allow our guys to get ahead. Yes same for them but there will be a lot on, after bale moving on etc and loads of new players, individuals whereas ours understand the squad importance.

Roll on the next league game.

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