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Derek Bowden - Norwich fan?

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Exactly five years ago today, Ipswich town CE Derek Bowden said.........


"I have to admit that, if we go up this season, in 2009/10 our sole objective will be to finish 17th.


"It will be a case of consolidating after that and keeping our place and moving through to the top half.


"Our planned progress will be step by step. Firstly, to get into the Premier League, then to stay there and obtain a strong foothold.


"And then challenge for a Champions League place. This is a long way down the track but it can be done.


Bowden says that despite the dominance of the big four and Manchester City''s attempt to gatecrash the upper echelons of the Premier League, it can still be done by smaller clubs: "Other factors come into play as well, like expert management and effective planning."


Was he a double agent because he was obviously talking about Norwich City?





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