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Hughton's chance / support to the forwards

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So that was hughton''s chance, having returned from London whereI am glad I had the football as a side show, I return to think Hughton had his chance.

At 2-0 down we were not going to do anything, why not let hooper and rvw have a bit of time upfront when both can really have a go. How rvw did not lose faith today is beyond me, it was a poor and hughtons subs did not inspire to show what we can do.

A number of our players looked like the players they are, players bought from league 1 or championship teams. Certainly people can be knocking on hughton''s managerial door and saying time for me to play.

I said in my prediction if we supported rvw we could do something, we we were playing against superstars compared to us but we did not have a midfield capable today of doing it. Fer was good but our central midfield was so short on what was needed for a premiership club.

Today showed a lot to me about our manager, squad and current mindset of many players.

When you saw pilky frustrated with snoddy once more after missing a goal s owing free kick opportunity you begin to see the problems.

Still think we will be ok but we need our mediocre players to step up... So far fer and rvw look isolated

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