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Crisis, what Hooper crisis?

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Sources here and elsewhere are suggesting that Hooper has failed to reach agreement with QPR, and that we are now interested again.


Given that McN has tweeted from the US that he is there, although he missed the opening match we won 3-0. I haven''t any strong feelings either way about Hooper, but the CEO''s presence with the team in America seems to suggest that we are not pursuing Hooper again, or that he is negotiating with other clubs about players for the next few days. There are phones, internet and fax, and at any moment a message or bid could be sent, but it looks as if there will be no personal contact at least until the end of this week.


(Is it possible that McN is in talks with an American target?)


Of course if McN suddenly flies home.......

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Prices available for 32 names. I think Gary is one of the "others on request". Could be a sort of message there.

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