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Re: not only a striker!

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Yes I agree with you here Mook. But I think we need another central defender. To be honest I have never been that great a Malky fan, though I can not question his loyalty to this club. Plus he does play with his heart behind it. We desperately need a centre back that has pace and that can play the ball out of the defence. Drury and Edworthy/Briggs seem to be capable of this. And when you look at Kenton, he had those two things about him but I think his pace was what helped us so much.

Its so hard when so many problems come along at once, for the club and the fans. But I dont think NCFC has let anyone go deliberately. Kenton was never going to stay after extending his contract by one year, Needergard moved to a club that was about to compete in either the champions league or europe I cant remember now, and at 33-34 thats an offer you cant turn down. Nielsen, whom everybody suddenly "loved" when he leaves, had a well publisised kick up the arse by Worthington after last season and was told he was going to be given a chance to earn a new contract here. He obviously saw that maybe he was better off going than hedging his bets.

Honestly Mook, you must have remembered some of the insaults he got last season on the old board. Its weird how one summer can suddenly make people change and like a player!

I think that the silence that has once returned over transfer rumours may be a sign.

A big powerful striker is what is needed, no short weedy player. If McVeigh is to stay upfront then we need to counter his short falls. I mentioned Dougie Freedmen during the summer, a guess now hes putting them away there is no chance of us prising him away from Chrystal Pallace. Or perhaps Ditchio at WBA he must be some way down the pecking order now?

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I agree with Mook that Batty is not needed - Francis has exceeded our hopes with the added benefit of helping return Holt to his form of the season before last - centre midfield is not a prime issue at the moment.

Chicken you are right - NWs style makes it essential that any striker has the ability to be strong in the air and able to hold the ball up (assuming Malky can get it roughly in the right diretion!) - in other words Iwan of 2-3 years ago - I have mentioned this back in the some when advocating Shipperley in preference to Connolly.

Wigan have not yet completed the signing of Horsefield who scored regularly at this level and fits our immediate needs. City should be on the phone to Bruce now to hi-jack the deal. I am not a big fan of Dichio but sometimes needs must and he does have a modicum of ability - is the Baggie chant ''Drop the Dich?'' - pronounced as you might expect and none too flattering! These are players who would strengthen the squad and fit to our style of play.

A final note on Elvis - his performance against Forest was very encouraging and I would be looking to extend his loan period if he can give us more of the same - some competition to keep Mcveigh on his toes would be good and keep the pressure off the talented Jarvis.

Defence is a secondary issue at the moment although I would like to see Shackell get more experience before Flem/Malky are injured and he is thrown in at the deep end again.


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