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  1. At the start of the season I would have agreed with you Rich. However the introduction of Francis into the centre of the park has given us an extra dimension. This together with the excellent form McVeigh is in has meant that we are actually dangerous from midfield for the first time in seasons because we have players getting forward and supporting the strikers, well, at home anyway. With Crouch to give extra weight to the front line I can see McVeigh getting more of the ball in more dangerous positions and finally getting the goals his recent displays have deserved. Holt has improved and Rivers has continued the end of season run to the start of this, even if he can only last 70 mins a game - disgraceful in this day and age. The weak spot (Easton) remains left wing but Brennan has been signed to fill that gap. In addition we have started the season without our most incisive passer in Mulryne. In the short term Notman can step in for Rivers so I have few concerns in midfield - it matches up to most Div 1 teams at the moment. Crouch improves the front line - extra cover in defence is now needed to either move Malkay aside or as cover for when he gets injured/suspended. With Edworthy, Francis and now Crouch this summers signings look sound - well done the club - now to turn it into points with some improved away results. OTBC
  2. A rare ''Well done'' to NW & the board for signing Crouch. Whilst I would have preferred Horsefield for his experience Crouch does at least fit the bill for the type of striker we are looking for; a big target man who in theory should link well with McVeigh and hold onto the ball when the defence needs a breather. As its a loan perhaps the board can really make it a good few days by either getting a permanent striker (Horsefield) or a ball playing centre back with a bit of pace. He was not on my pick list and in an ideal world I would not want him at the club, but bearing in mind the limited strikers now available and our reluctance to pay either a transfer fee or wages in the circumstances this is a good deal. Signing him just for three months may also be wise (high wages to sit on a bench if he doesnt fit in, play well etc) as he still has a lot to prove. However that should mean that he wnats to prove that he is not the flop he is perceived to be at Villa & as such he will want to play to his best whilst here. I just hope that if he is a success & we want to extend the loan to the end of the season we dont fall foul of the 91 day rule that got lumbered with when Healy was here at the end of last season - does anyone know what the rules are here? A good day all round. OTBC
  3. Horsefield is not yet at Wigan. In the absence of any real viable alternative City should for once become the poacher and use some of our funds to secure the services of big Geoff for the season. He fits our bill perfectly and has socred at this level. City should look to make some contact with Bruce so sneak us ahead of the deal. Others mentioned so far, with the exceptions of Dublin (wages too high?) and Marlon King(exchorbitant price for unproven thug) do not meet our needs now - a target man to act as a foil for Paul Mcveigh and hold the ball up when the defence needs some breathing space. PPPLLEEASSSEE Nige/Mr Doncaster - use the blank weekend well & make us happy ! City til I die.
  4. I agree with Mook that Batty is not needed - Francis has exceeded our hopes with the added benefit of helping return Holt to his form of the season before last - centre midfield is not a prime issue at the moment. Chicken you are right - NWs style makes it essential that any striker has the ability to be strong in the air and able to hold the ball up (assuming Malky can get it roughly in the right diretion!) - in other words Iwan of 2-3 years ago - I have mentioned this back in the some when advocating Shipperley in preference to Connolly. Wigan have not yet completed the signing of Horsefield who scored regularly at this level and fits our immediate needs. City should be on the phone to Bruce now to hi-jack the deal. I am not a big fan of Dichio but sometimes needs must and he does have a modicum of ability - is the Baggie chant ''Drop the Dich?'' - pronounced as you might expect and none too flattering! These are players who would strengthen the squad and fit to our style of play. A final note on Elvis - his performance against Forest was very encouraging and I would be looking to extend his loan period if he can give us more of the same - some competition to keep Mcveigh on his toes would be good and keep the pressure off the talented Jarvis. Defence is a secondary issue at the moment although I would like to see Shackell get more experience before Flem/Malky are injured and he is thrown in at the deep end again. OTBC
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