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The Great Mass Debater

Swansea and Arsenal

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Interesting that (and not only because of the Cup win) Swansea would be universally applauded and considered to have had a good season.

Yet had we somehow beaten Aston Villa yesterday, we would have been only 2 points behind them.

Shows how tight this season has been despite many people saying 40 points would not be required this season.

My hopes personally are relying on two things: Swansea maintaining their excellent season...

And the Arsenal fix-factor... Ever since that dodgy curry incident, I have been suspicious about Arsenals results towards the end of a season. Never been one to believe in ridiculous conspiracies, but the events of the last 5 minutes at the Emirates were inexplicable.

If Arsenal and Swansea win their remaining games, we may have a lifeline.

Just cant help thinking we will look back on certain games and mistakes and rue them. Something I felt with a sense of foreboding and dread at the time.

The times we were robbed QPR home, West Ham away, Sunderland away, Arsenal away

The times we huffed and puffed and let things slip Reading away, West Ham home.

The times we made it all too easy for our opponents to steal in and nick an important goal - Lee Camps wet kitchen roll hands away to Wigan, Villa at home, Stoke away.

If we do go down, despite the injustices at the Stadium of Light and the Emirates, we will have only ourselves to blame for the unforced errors.

Sadly I no longer feel it is in our hands, we need someone else to slip up.

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