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Kevin Friend

The game started with a naughty foul from Benteke on Bassong after a couple of minutes which I felt deserved a talking to - nothing, perhaps he wanted to keep his powder dry! A little later in the game Holt commits a similar foul and he couldn''t wait to have a word. His positioning is generally poor in my eyes, which probably explains why he seems to miss so much. Villa had 2 cautions both of which I felt were correct, however his failure to show Bennett a second yellow after giving away the penalty (or even before that) defied logic. Right at the end of the game the ball appeared to have gone out for a City throw (not seen by the lino who was a long way away and probably people blocking his view). Sadly Mr Friend was not in a position to see it for himself, even though I felt it should ahve been his call. We were then treated to him booking our Bennett obviously for over protesting and threatening to send him off for continuing his complaint (back to the poor positioning).

Generally he seems to amble through the game, not inspiring confidence. I doubt you will see him doing the Manchester derby anytime soon


Kevin Friend 3 - not at his absolute worst, just not very good.

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