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Do you think McNally will take a bonus if we go down?

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Seems to me that McNally has kept a tight ship at Carra this season and that it is hardly his fault that the ship is floundering in a choppy sea so do you think that he should get his bonus like the Bankers did?

I suppose it could be said that McNally should have got the Manager, and his crew, to "Step Down" as it is said these days but I can imagine that Delia and her husband (who have been through it all before) prefer to be nice guys and are getting a bit tired and stressed at being called in to do the dirty.

For my part I think I prefer to support a winning side and have my football on Saturday afternoons so "Yes Mr McNally you can have your bonus as far as I am concerned" but for next season could we please have a manager who does not seem quite to relaxed about failure?

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