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Good Cop /Bad Cop mangement team

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I was thinking today is this part of the problem we have with the management ?

We all Know Hughton is a Very Nice guy And Knowing about Calderwood and how he did and was with grant holt at forest who do the players go to if they have a problem with tactics etc , the assistant manager is normally the cushion between team and the manager of the team is this a Major problem ? I cannot see Calderwood being the soft arm around the shoulder type !! more round the neck type !  

so we have a team that has been forced to play a different way tactics changed ,maybe some unhappy with tactics not playing etc have the mood and hughtons tactics got us into this mess with the Players not really having a input ( behind the scenes NOT on pitch ),

Holt and other players must have more respect for a manager that knows how to get the best out of them than they do with someone

 WHO DOES NOT PLAY TO THEIR STRENGTHS , I also thought I bet in the players lounge after the game some players were please to talk about the old days with the  old management duo !

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