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king canary

Speed of Mind/Speed of Body

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For me all season long these two things are what we have really missed. In terms of actual physical pace we have very little- it is noticeable when we try and counter we dont have the pace to turn defences and end up having to turn backwards. Equally in the full back position we seems slow to overlap meaning our wingers get doubled up on quite quickly.As for speed of thought- with the notable exception of Wes we lack anybody with the mental sharpness to play smart balls and get around or through defences. Watching teams like Southampton and West Brom you can see players who have the vision to pick a ball or play the quick one-two between opponents which we lack.This isn''t a new thing, I think the same was true last season and Lambert made up for that by throwing bodies forward which created chances but left us vulnerable at the back. Next season a naturally pacy winger and full back and a player in the middle who can actually make things happen to compliment the increased quality in defence would for me see us established as a real Premier League quality team.

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