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hairy canary

Who has what it takes?

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Lets look at things rationally.Some people posting after todays result (and previous results) are calling for Hughton to be sacked......

Some saying it is the players fault.

Others saying it is the fans fault for not getting behind our team.

I do not go to away matches (but watch them on streams) I do go to all home matches. Those that go to the games go to watch and support their team........

Hughton picks the players he thinks will produce what HE wants for each match (within the restraints of the current squad he has to select from).

The players will play to the best of their ability in any giving day....but everyone has off days at times.

Lots of waffle, but think about our squad....How many of our players would be signed by other Premier league teams if we were to go down???

Not many I would think (yes, that''s my opinion, and I am allowed to have one, even if different to yours).

We have what we have. Maybe more signings like RVW will come..lets hope so.


We had a bad result today. we had a good result against Man U at home.

Todays was perhaps more important and that is why we are angry and disappointed.

If we won today, we would have been 10 points clear of relegation. We are potentially (with games in hand being counted as wins) 3 points clear.

That still means we are clear...for now.

We have a manager and a squad of players.......We have us as fans...Lets get behind them and show them our support. And lets be rewarded with goals and wins...and a third season in the PL.


OTBCWe do our bit, and hopefully they will do theirs.

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