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  1. Can also be watched in the Nosey Parker (near asda living). Decent food and plenty of it. Won''t be there as Wembley bound in the morning also.
  2. So Wes wants to play football (who can blame him), and he doesn''t think he is playing enough at Norwich, so he puts in a transfer request. We still need him for some games, so it is declined. If Hughton doesn''t play him much....Do we really need him??? If not, and Wes seems to be stomping his feet (if media is to be believed), lets give him his chance to play regular football. I am sure someone like Kings Lynn would welcome him on loan...Maybe Swaffham would too...If he could fit into the squads. Sorry to say, but thanks for all your previous efforts Wes, but short stroppy gits get what they deserve...I personally hope he stays, and if he can''t be bothered anymore for us (time will tell) then put out on lower division loan. Maybe that would make other footballers rethink the way they go about trying to get what they want after signing a contract! Rant over ;)
  3. I would like him back on Twitter, just to say no more business towards the last hours of the transfer window. That would hopefully stop more rumours about players being circulated on the forums (although not many at the moment)
  4. And I have no idea why the quote didn''t work correctly...It looked fine in the preview before posting.
  5. [quote user="Thomo"]We believe the installation of the standing for this area to cost around £250-300k, to put that in perspective we shelled out the same sum for the goal line technology in the summer, something we''ll never make a return on[/quote] What you fail to mention is that it was a necessity to have goal line technology, therefore the club had to spend the money if they wanted to remain in the PL. Don''t see how you can compare the something that MUST be complied with, compared to something that you and (how ever many) others want to see return. Do you really think the club (or any club) will spend money for the benefit of the fans, with no benefits for the club (using City 1st reply regarding people buying cheaper standing for some matches, not season tickets), or do you know where the extra fans are that are ready to fill the extra seating/standing that will be available with the implementation of rail seating.
  6. [quote user="Monty13"]"Same team but I''d leave Bennet in, I thought he had a pretty good game, and doesn''t deserve to be dropped." Yea I know what you mean, it''s harsh, but Turner is imo the better of the 2, he was only suspended for one game and so I''d bring him back. Luckily I''m not paid to make tough choices like that, CH can disappoint one of them![/quote] Good idea... Turner only cost us 2 goals against Fulham on boxing day....One when he turned his back in the wall for the free kick, and then when he ducked to avoid heading Parkers strike. Don''t know why he done it, but does not deserve to take Bennetts place at all. Keep the same team that played so well against Man Utd.
  7. I am not a Johnson fan at all, but his performance against West Brom was excellent, and could have been MOTM. Yesterday he was on fine form again, but not as good as against WBA. Some passes went astray, but everyone is guilty of that at some point. His free kicks were put into the right area, but no one managed to get on the end of them. He has clearly worked on his passing and is making less mistakes (probably coincides with the lack of long passes he is attempting). I do think that he is in until Tettey returns from injury and gets back to match fitness.
  8. Think/hope Swansea will be knackered, so going for 3-0 win for us. OTBC
  9. I would imagine some of the Hughton outers already have their rants typed ready to post under a new thread interestingly called something like ''hughton out'' or ''Hughton fails again''.
  10. Thought he was much improved since before his rest, but still a little way off his form from last year.Believe he will soon regain that form.
  11. Henning Berg stated that he has watched the last 3 of Liverpool''s Premier games in his Norwich role. Can only assume/hope it is to see the best way to nullify suarez and sturridge.Therefore I am going to go for a nil nil. And yes,  I would be happy with that result.
  12. Whilst I agree that Martin was good going forward at times, his main role is a defender.Sitting in Area O gives a good view of his defensiveness in the first half, and poor view in the second, First half he was so so at best in the defensive role. Watched him get nutmegged far too easily, and easily passed by Palace attacking. Other times he was solid. And he does still seem too slow getting back from his forward runs, that were very good. Those that say he had a good game must have had abetter view of the second half, and not the first.
  13. [quote user="Buh"]What specifically did they lie about?[/quote]   I was trying to work that out from using Ricardo''s report from the AGM. Guess the OP will not answer or respond.....I wonder why.   But if he does and proves the ''lies'' told by the board, I will join him with pitch fork in hand ready to drive them out of the county ;)
  14. [quote user="Tim Dawson"]That is an option but involves recalling the useless Garrido !!![/quote]   Whittaker can play on the left. And Garrido may well want to have his chance to prove himself again.
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