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What is the obsession with a Plan B?

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On many of the posts over the last day or so, people have been saying "there just wasn''t a Plan B....etc". I just don''t get that at all - maybe Hooper & Curtis was Plan A, with Kamara, Becchio (and Camp) plan B OR vice-versa. But what does it matter, we got who we got and we will never know if there was a Plan A, B or Z....in the scheme of things, I believe we did ok but of course time will tell.

Personally, I was disappointed that we didn''t get Curtis (or similar) as cover for Bassong, but we had a go and it didn''t come off.

I don''t see we did any worse than any other team (probable exception of QPR with Samba), so what would a PLAN B have achieved?

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