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You might think that this is a ramblings of a emotional,middle aged woman but as I was listening to Radio Norfolk today and the 1st goal went in,I was thinking how lucky I was,
I''m healthy(touch wood)
I''m happily married with a wonderful husband
I have a job that I absolutely love
I have some great friends
I have some great posters to share my footy opinions with
and our team who I have supported for many years have been top of the league for 7 weeks.Not only that the players are fully committed to the cause and are as passionate as the rest of us fans,and if thats not enough we have signed Hucks the most exciting player we have had for ages.
Cant remember being so excited since,was it 1994, the Bayern Munich game in which Gossy scored in both legs or was it 1972 when we won the Div 2 title with the likes of Graham Paddon or was it 1987 ish when our beloved Flecky scored 66 goals in 4 consecutivein 181 appearances.
Times have never been so good and I know there are plenty of you who are still nervous about some of the games ahead and wont mention the P word but,and I have been saying this since Nov, this will be our season. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we will be promoted and will be champions of Div 1.OK so we still have challenges ahead of us but this squad and us fans are up for it and will face them together side by side.We wont let them down and they wont let us down you just wait and see,15 games to go and counting.
Apologies for my emotions but us Norwich fans have so much to be happy about dont you agree?

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Thanks DumbleDelia and by the way I enjoy your posts,keep up the good work!

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