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First of all, i''d like to say that with deno, we have a real quality signing and the 3mill was money well spent, he proved that last night with undoubtably his best performance for us since signing. He has shown that he can deliver in the premiership and will go on to become a legend at carrow road.

Secondly, what the hell was worthy thinking when he dropped the doc from the squad all together?? he wasn''t even on the subs bench. Could this be due to a falling out with worthy because it is unexplainable that he was completely dropped. Why not drop fleming who has been dodgy at the back to say the least. He should have played Doc and Shacks in the centre with charlie on the left, or even charlie in the centre. What explenation will worthy come up with for this decision, and also why the hell defend so deep in th 2nd half when we should be going for a winner even with 10 men??? 

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