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Lack Of Pressure

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I was wondering if someone might be able to explain to me why Worthy is under no pressure at all to keep us up?  I''ve just seen him, come out with the same smiley face again after we''ve thrown away the best chance of winning since our throw away against 10-man Blackburn at home.  He comes across like a man who''s biggest stress is how many times to include cliches & ''know what I mean'' in an interview!

The main reason we are doing so badly is down to him.  He spent a lot of money in pre-season on players no better than we already had, so is it really surprising we''ve got 20 points from a possible 84???  At the end of last season, if anyone had said come March we''d be playing Eddy, Drury, Flem & Shak as the back four in this league would anyone be surprise we''re letting in loads of goals???  His signings, team selections, substitutions, his obsession with playing deep after we go ahead & draw pressure onto our weak back four etc etc are all questionable.

Surely there should be some pressure on him to keep us up?!!?   

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